Accurate and
Professional Transcription

AAPT specializes in technology based medical transcription.  Our goal is to provide accurate transcription with exceptional service through the utilization of today’s technology and our highly trained staff. 



By using digital technology, AAPT offers significant advantages in cost, administration, turnaround time, security and document tracking.

  • Dictation is recorded via telephone or handheld digital voice recorder and uploaded to a computer.
  • Software allows healthcare professionals to instantly send dictation and receive completed documents through a secure HIPPA-compliant FTP site.
  • The healthcare professionals have optional access to dictation tracking and document status.
  • Digital documents are easily printed, faxed, edited, electronically signed, shared and stored.
  • Efficient patient documentation is achieved.

We use a digital transcription system through an FTP server that allows automatic uploading of voice files and text documents, complete tracking and management, secure encryption, and integration with dictation systems and handheld recorders. This software system allows us to easily manage voice files and documents.   Voice files may be imported from digital handheld recorders and other systems that create sound files or recorded via telephone.


Please browse our site and contact us with any questions or comments.  We will promptly provide estimates for service and personalized support.  To reach us, simply click the contact button on any page within this site.